Remote Management

We provide comprehensive managed service that monitors, protects and ensures the security of your servers and Pcs, 24/7/365!


24/7 PROACTIVE SERVER HEALTH MONITORING. Our fully-staffed Network Operations Center monitors backup jobs, virus protection, server availability, utilization, event logs and other critical health parameters. This constant monotoring provides you key health statistics and utilization and uptime data which helps to inform our response strategies.

CRITICAL PATCH APPLICATION AND MANAGEMENT. We apply Microsoft's server and workstation patches on a consistent monthly cycle, including a review and test of each critical patch by our Advanced Security Group. You can rest assured that your systems are patched and protected form the latest hacker threats.

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INVENTORIES. All protected clients receive documentation of their system profiles and inventories. Our team pulls this information from the Microsoft Windows Management Interface and will, upon request, run management reports to help you plan for future improvements.

NOT JUST YOUR SERVERS. All your workstations, printers, Ethernet switches, routers, plotters (and whatever devices you have connected to your network) will also be monitored dor failures, even slowdowns, processor failures, over heating and more will be monitored and when failures hit...we will receive an immediate notice of the occurrence. Our staff will be noticed and will go to work to protect you.


ONLINE BACKUP STRATEGIES. If your system is hit a catastrophic failure and your data is corrupted, how long would it take and how much would it cost to bring your operatin back? We can provide you with a solution to prevent such a loss by regularly backing up and verifying all your data from you giant databases to cherished pictures and documents.

EMERGENCIES SERVICES. If for any reason you have to declare an emergency as a result of hardware, software or other failures, we will provide you with onsite emergency service at discounted rates.

For more information on how can take advantage of this program, please contact us at (805)-9343456