Our Services

Computer Solutions is a full service IT company. From Design, Construction and  implementation to operations. We have been servicing computers since 1963 beginning with IBM mainframes to current high technology solutions. Early professional training created staff with ability to deal with any environment and difficult situations. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all services and equipment purchases. Try us, you will love us.


Computer Solutions

742 Arctic Ave, Suite B
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Toll Free: (805) 934-3456
Email: jon@jaqua.com

Remote Management

We provide comprehensive managed service that monitors, protects and ensures the security of your servers and Pcs, 24/7/365! Features: 24/7 PROACTIVE SERVER HEALTH MONITORING. Our fully-staffed Network Operations Center monitors backup jobs, virus protection, server availability, utilization, event logs and other critical health parameters. This constant monotoring provides you key health statistics and utilization and … Continue reading Remote Management

Your Hardware & Software Specialists

Get the most out of your Information Technology with the help of Computer Solutions. From simple single workstations or laptops to Large Enterprise networks and Exchange mail systems, we handle it all.

Spyware & Virus Removal

If you have noticed an unusually high occurrence of pop-up windows taking over your PC while you surf the Web, or your computer seems to be running slower than usual, your computer may be at risk. Get the most out of your PC with the help of Computer Solutions. One service call will put your systems back to normal and enjoy the full reliability you expect!

Wireless Security Setup Support

We are always hearing about people’s servers or workstations being “hacked” . this can be because of poor security issues. Our certified wireless security specialists and can assist you in setting up or reconfiguring your wireless connections to a safe secure condition.

Medical and Dental Software Support

If you are using vendors such as Patterson Eaglesoft , Dentrix. Easy Dental, EMDs or other medical software, we can support your networks. We are fully trained in the installation, update requirements and day-to-day management. You may have thought you had to deal with the software provider directly but you don’t. Our professionals can handle it all.

All Kinds of IT Support

Whatever you needs are, hardware, software or administration, we can handle them all. We can do it onsite or through our Remote Management systems. We also provide an online backup system where all your files are securely backed up to the cloud which will give you complete piece of mind.